Las Vegas AVN Adult Expo 2018Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know that the annual Adult Expo (AVN) just happened in Las Vegas. Held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the show drew literally thousands of attendees and exhibitors alike. We paid a visit to the show ourselves, since our offices are just down the road from the Hard Rock, and, well, we're in the industry! It made for the perfect excuse to take the day off, so to speak, and enjoy getting a little closer to the people who we share this business with. We had a great time and discovered some interesting trends that are happening, and that aren't happening, in the adults only business.

People Love Porn Stars!

One of the main things we witnessed at AVN is, fans love their porn stars! We saw both female and male pornstars for sure, but the guys were vastly outnumbered by the girls. There was probably someone to satisfy every person's taste! Big, small, glamorous, and not, AVN has become the gathering place for everybody in the business. Whether the celebrities were well-known big studio stars or one of the more popular cam stars, there was somebody clamoring for face time with them and, hopefully, an autograph too.

But No Ron Jeremy?

Speaking of stars everybody knows, Ron Jeremy apparently was not in attendance. It seems that Ron got himself banned from the show by making a joke about being a "Serial Groper". The unfortunate attempt at humor (he meant in porn videos!) ran into the AVN's zero tolerance policy. Whether fair or not, there is no doubt that AVN took the safe approach in this case. Ron, being the porn star that he is would have been a draw for the show, no doubt. It was an unfortunate circumstance for all.

Porn Stars at AVN 2018

Virtual Reality Is Becoming Amazing

The technologies displayed at AVN were very compelling. Virtual Reality was on display, both in the form of VR video as well as computer generated reality. Attendees were treated to demos that included donning VR gear and experiencing virtual sex with computer generated partners. Though the technology it still somewhat crude and early, judging by the interest, there will no doubt be a lot of growth and development in VR technology in the coming years. It's quite obvious to see where this can go eventually. At the moment it seems more of a novelty. Albeit an impressive one.

Sex Dolls Are A Thing

One of the more compelling technologies at AVN was sex dolls. Though sex dolls are not a new thing by any stretch, they are becoming better and cheaper all the time. There seems to be a tendency to exaggerate the breasts and butts on the dolls we saw. Not sure if that's because customers prefer those features to be more exaggerated than normal, but it's a definite trend.

It's how they move and how they feel that makes the difference. We noticed that visitors seemed to be captured by how the dolls reacted and moved. The manufacturers have gotten better and making realistic feeling dolls that move like human bodies do. This is a big selling point for clients and goes a long way towards convincing someone to be a buyer. We hear there is even a brothel that offers sex dolls now. Amazing!

AVN Adult Video Network Expo 2018

Sex Machines Are Getting Better

Sybian devices have been around for quite some time, but now they have some competition from some very capable devices. Some of the more capable devices we saw featured some outstanding quality manufacturing using premium materials. We witnessed some devices that have been created with couples in mind, where both partners can enjoy the love machines together. The Couple's Playground (see models appeared to be very popular and among the higher quality devices on display. These models were probably also the best thought out machines, offering amazing flexability and adjustments to suit almost any desire.

Cams! Cams! Cams!

Did we mention that Webcams are a thing? The Expo itself was sponsored, one of the biggest cam sites in the business. Many of the stars of the expo are primarily cam stars. The result has been an explosion of stars at the show, many or most of which will never be in a major porn production and probably invested very little in getting into the business to begin with. It's not like it was in the old days when major porn producers held a grip on the industry. Today it's all about getting a following and social media has made "getting famous" possible for almost anybody.

Expo Summary

We spoke with many AVN exhibitors who echoed that the Adult Expo is still, by far, their most successful show all year. Judging by the crowds and vendors present, we can see why. OASysTech will be looking forward to next year’s exhibition, and to having our own booth at the show. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!