The Basics Of DIY Adult SEO

The Basics Of Getting Found

We do understand the need for SEO, and short of hiring a specialist, which is hard to find in the adults-only industry, there is much that can be done by website owners and webmasters. With that idea in mind, here are our recommendations for achieving meaningful results for your adult website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is wildly different depending on your sources. You do not need to worry much about that, especially at this stage of the game. The primary focus can be on a few keywords that are the most likely to be searched by your intended audience. Some of the ways you can find these are 1.) look at competitors and see what they are targeting/ranking well for, 2.) look at your target audience’s social media and other engagement platforms to see what they care about, like hashtags and trends, etc, or 3.) if you can identify at least one relevant target keyword, that will always lead you to more keywords you can use to expand your targeting.

We frequently build sites that target one keyword, and they end up ranking for a host of others. This is because the content is informative for the topic, so other keywords that are relevant, but not even included in the content, may still be something the site ranks for.

Keyword Search Volumes

As far as getting different search volumes from different sources, you can either choose to focus on the volume presented by just one tool, or you may opt to look at the differing volumes collectively. This has never been an exact science, and search volumes do change over time. Plus different tools pull their info from different sources, some get it from Google, some have their own ways of calculating values. So don’t worry too much about the actual numbers.

Provide Useful Information And Quality Content

The other thing is if you are planning to just optimize the site with a “set it and forget it” approach, then focus on the quality of the information, and the relevance of the information to the target audience, and only worry about a handful of keywords at most. This is a perfectly fine way to go, nothing wrong with it at all, we have built a ton of these sites. If you do plan to add more content over time (like a blog), then your keyword research will naturally grow along with your site, and you will be learning more about your audience and expanding along with your insight into their demographics and interests.

*Please note, that we are not marketers, our consulting is purely based on our experience with content management and SEO over the last 10 years.

As always, to your success!

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