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This website was built for America’s Favorite XXX Pornstar. She needed a membership site to give her fans opportunities to access all her content.

To enjoy KailaniKai, you have memberships for video on demand (VOD), or you can PPV her videos. She also has a feature for live cam sessions and you can read her blog to stay up to date.

“We hired OASysTech after exhaustively researching OVER 50 other web design companies to help develop our adult oriented website.. We were impressed by their organized and very professional & FAST responses in getting us a detailed & affordable bid. Once we decided to hire them, their process was very easy to follow. They knew exactly what we were trying to achieve and made it happen! Now that the website has been launched, they continue to exceed our expectations with their high level of customer service by quickly responding to anything needing tweaking or fixed or added in functionality.

All in all, we are very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them to any other potential clients seeking a new web design team to work with!” – Kailani Kai

You can go to her website and sign up for that Hawaiian “vacation” you always wanted..

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