Adult Web Site Development: A Non-Technical Understanding


Most of what we do at OASysTech is technical stuff, and most of our clients are into things other than “technical stuff” ? LOL

As the non-technical person on the team, I thought it might be good to write a piece explaining the basics of adult website development for the layperson…

So you need an adult website, or what we like to call a “digital asset”. And you want to know what it will take to build it and maintain it? Let’s go over the different approaches to developing adult sites. Here is what to consider for the ongoing management of your digital asset.

Generally, there are 3 ways to go about building your adult website: 1. Utilizing existing technologies, 2. Adding some customization to existing technologies, or 3. Custom building it from scratch. What is best for your project will depend on the functionality you require and your budget. These factors will also determine the ongoing requirements for maintenance of your digital asset.


– Plug n’ Play Options: A lot of stuff exists on the market that can be licensed for use. Things like tube sites, online stores, memberships… these are all available for use and customization from companies who have already invested the money and manpower to develop considered and extensive tools. No need to reinvent the wheel here. If you want a straightforward site with adult industry-standard functionality, you will be more than happy with the ever-expanding range of options available.

Plug and play projects are budget friendly because using existing technologies that can be designed without the need for specialized programming keeps the cost down. This means that the project does not require the time and cost of a programmer to write code. Instead, it is based on available technologies that can be configured and/or combined to create the desired outcome. This also keeps the total design and development time at a minimum. So you can get up and running and start leveraging your digital asset to grow your business.

– Out-of-the-box + Customization: As the name implies, this kind of adult website is partially and mostly created using existing technologies as a foundation, but involves custom coding in order to create capabilities that cannot be satisfied using available tech. This might be to enhance something that already exists or to create functionality that is entirely new. This combination is both scalable and has the benefit of keeping costs at a minimum. It is a great option for start-ups and solopreneurs. It can also be a great proof of concept phase to fund bigger scale or more custom projects down the road.

– Custom Built: Also known as “bespoke” design, a custom-created adult website is built almost entirely from the ground up. The “almost” part comes from the use of existing code elements or tech services such as credit card processing, processing images, etc. It is easier and more efficient to license existing code to perform those functions than it is to create them from scratch. Bespoke websites are well funded and may be functionality innovative, or be created for proprietary purposes. Whatever the reason you have for needing a custom built adult site, this option opens up a lot of potential for creativity. But not without significant investment.

We can help you understand where on this list your digital asset falls. As part of our discovery and proposal process, we will review your adult website concept and consult with you on the labor and investment needed to manifest your vision. 


Not Just The Initial Investment

The more important budget to consider is the ongoing expense of maintaining, running, and growing your digital asset. We will help you understand the cost and effort required so planning is demystified and clarified. From adult SEO to adult web mastering, some of the primary considerations are…

– Hosting/Updates: All adult websites need hosting and updating. There are many options available, including managed hosting through OASysTech. Unless your adult site is very small and you don’t expect much traffic, you are probably going to need your own adult web hosting to optimize performance. As your site grows, the cost for hosting will likely increase as you invest in solutions to meet your rising demand. This includes costs for updates and changes to your hosting that may arise over time. Hosting is a relatively small but necessary expense you should factor into your annual/monthly budget.

– Webmastering/Technical Support: For all but the smallest adult websites, it is reasonable to assume you will require some level of ongoing support. This can mean everything from keeping your website backed up and your software up to date to providing you with technical support for your digital asset. It is our experience that successful businesses are focused on production and revenue. They benefit greatly from having technical operations managed by an experienced and competent team. You will need to calculate this into your long term growth plans.

– Security: Web security is an ongoing issue. This is especially true if your website holds important private information. Such as user information and media you charge for access to. Though most solutions we create will come ready to use as far as security is concerned. It is still very important to monitor your site to detect and correct any security issues in real-time. This consideration is more about awareness and management than about the financial expense. Though if your security fails, it can be very costly indeed. OASysTech can consult with you on the challenges your adult website may face.

– Software/Licensing Fees/APIs: No matter the size or type of adult web design we create for you, there are going to be fees. Fees associated with plug-ins, APIs, or pre-built technologies employed to create your digital asset. You can anticipate annual fees for these things. Though the cost will vary depending on the technology used for your web development.

– Adding Content: On adult sites with frequent content updates and additions, you may want help with posting content (videos, galleries, products, blogs, etc). This is something to anticipate if your main goal is creating and selling new content and not in processing (media) and updating your website content. OASysTech does manage regular content posts for clients. We can also create custom walk-throughs in support of those who plan to manage their own content. We want to empower your success so you get busy making money and you need to have us take over the updates.

– Customer Service: In some cases, especially custom created adult sites, it is necessary to employ ongoing help for customer support. This can mean anything. From helping your customers with login/lockout issues. To helping with unanticipated software bugs or connectivity issues with their web browser or mobile devices. Most credit card processors will require you to provide some base level of customer support for your users.

– Compliance: This is becoming a reality for more and more adult website operators. You might have heard about all the hoopla in Europe when GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was enacted. As of January 1, 2020 adult sites in the USA have to navigate CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliance and potentially more down the road. I put this here more for long term considerations. But this landscape is evolving, and it is good to stay abreast of the developments.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you a good idea of what to plan for. Other considerations for leveraging your digital asset involve social media and search engine optimization.


These are some of the basics to help you understand what your adult website development and maintenance will look like. If you have any questions or want to know more about how OASysTech can help create your digital asset, please connect with us through chat, email, or phone…

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