September 16, 2020

The Best Five Dollars I Ever Spent

Storing, Moving, and Sharing Big Data
One of the issues we face in the adult business is, how to store and share large files and how to move them easily between us and our customers or vice versa. It's nothing new, for sure, but as time goes on and technology gets better, so does the size of the data we're dealing with. With more resolution comes more bits and bytes. That's just the way it is and will probably continue to be for a long time.

Isn't There A Better Way?
What do we do to minimize the impacts of this reality largely depends on the resources we have at hand. Maybe it's an FTP server or Google Drive (Yuck!) or one of the many cloud storage and sharing solutions available. Whatever! They're all cumbersome and/or expensive and require at least some level of technical expertise to work with. And let's face it, the more data you need to store and share, the more expensive the solution becomes. Ideally, a solution would allow easy uploading of lots of data and provide a simple way to share data that anyone can understand and use. Is Something Different
After having searched far and wide, and for a long time, out of the blue comes a new service called GoFile. First of all, and quite amazingly, GoFile is completely free. All of the features are accessible to anyone without even a registration. The only caveat with free access it that your files will be removed after a period of time without being accessed. For a $5 donation every month, you can remove even that limitation and upload files to your heart's content.

The service is maintained by the author, and though you can use everything for free, he does ask for donations to help offset costs. But believe me! $5 a month for this awesome and easy service is well worth it. It's the best $5 I've ever spent. That tiny cost gets all of the features offered on the site.

This Is A Super Easy Tool!
Imagine this scenario. Your client has a bunch of raw videos to send you from their latest shoot. But they're not experienced with the process of moving their movies around and are suggesting things like "shipping you a drive". Instead, they can simply browse to GoFile and upload everything they have right from their browser. They don't even need to create an account and login. Just browse to the site and start uploading.

Once their files are done uploading, they will be presented with a completion screen that contains a link to share with anyone they want to be able to download the files. They email you that link and you click on it to download their files. That's it! That's the entire process. Easy!

This Works Well Free Or Paid
GoFile is an easy storage and sharing solution that works about as well as you can expect. And, if you only need the ability to share and aren't concerned with long term storage of your files, the free version of the service is absolutely fine. Still, send them $5 once in a while to help out. They'll appreciate the "cup of coffee" and you'll help keep the system alive and growing.

We use this service for sharing large data files and for storage as well. We think the value is unbeatable and we really like the philosophy behind it. We can't wait to see it grow and prosper, and we hope you see the value too.

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