January 14, 2020

The Pros And Cons Of WP-Script

One of the most popular kinds of websites we build is porn tube sites. These are useful for a number of reasons and also fairly inexpensive to implement. We don't really recommend them as a way to make money unless you are going to use the site to host your own content. For most clients, a tube site is useful to attract a certain type of traffic that can then be referred to your main money-making site. They can also serve as a stepping stone for a domain to attract traffic while a full-fledged custom site is being developed.

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Automate New Content? (Pro)

Considering the nature of the typical tube site, it's nice to be able to pull existing content from major porn sites and to represent it on your own tube site. That makes it possible to have a website with thousands of videos fairly quickly. Additionally, good tube site software makes it possible to pull new videos to your site on a regular basis automatically. That's where WP-Script comes into the picture with its Mass Embedder and Mass Grabber software packages. With this software, you can pull videos from sites like PornHUB, XHamster, and Youporn and showcase them on your own site.

OASysTech delivers sites with curated content ready-to-go and pre-configured feeds to keep adding content regularly. Our customers enjoy reliable feeds with scheduled content additions because we know how to make WP-Script work correctly. Because we use the software all the time, we've learned the idiosyncrasies of the software and how to make it work optimally. We pass those advantages on to our clients exclusively.

Creating A Genre Or Niche Site (Pro)

It's hard to differentiate your site from other sites when you're all sharing the same content pool. One way to avoid looking like all the other tube sites is to create a site based on a certain niche. For example, by using the Mass Embedder software and pulling content from a number of sources, it is possible to use searches and categories of media to create sites that feature various fetishes. For example, we created a demo site called fortwente.com that features porn with people using cannabis. The possibilities, like fetishes, are limited only by your imagination.

OASysTech creates tube site designs to complement our customer's chosen genre. Sites like FortWente.com and HOTiLINK.com illustrate how effective this approach can be. For a minimal investment, our customers enjoy a great looking great performing website that will attract traffic that can be converted to revenue and SEO value.

Good Presentation On All Devices (Pro)

One place where WP-Script also excels in with ready-to-go templates for your tube sites. They offer several template styles. Some are based on popular site formats, such as XHamster and PornHUB, while others offer more unique styles. These templates offer a quick and reliable way to display your content, and also to accommodate advertising in various locations through the site. Some of the templates offer advanced features, like loading an entirely new look at the click of a button. This is useful if you want to be up and running fast and you don't have a talent for creativity or if you don't want to deal with customing your website look.

WP-Script Lacks Documentation (Con)

There are unfortunately some major caveats to keep in mind with WP-Script software. The first is that much of the software is undocumented. Users will find themselves having to figure things out on their own and to deal with inconsistent software implementations. For example, newer templates have configuration screens that don't match the visual architecture of the WP-Script Dashboard and offer configurations that don't do anything at all. In the newest template "KolorTube", there are advertising locations in the configuration that simply don't display and you can only display up to 60 categories, though none of this is mentioned anywhere. This is one place where having a company like ours as your support team can really help. We know the limitations of the software because we work with it all the time.

Lifetime Terrible Support Included (Con)

The biggest impediment to recommending this software is the lack of support. WP-Script advertises full support included with all their products. They also offer an online support ticketing system for all customers. However, their response time is very slow to no existent. We currently have tickets opened with them since last year. Their explanation for the poor support is that they have over 6000 open tickets covering things that are "mostly not caused by their software" and they cannot keep up with the volume. Those words will fall flat for any user that is waiting for help from them. Especially non-expert users who simply trusted what they said on their website about how great their software was, but now can't use it and have no idea why. I.E. most users.

In the end, we only recommend this software if you're technically proficient and can support yourself, or if you're going to hire us to support it for you. From our honest experience, you will not be able to count on reasonable support from WP-Script. We are happy to provide support to our customers and separate them from indefinite waiting and exasperation. Without us, hopefully, you will be able to discover the cause of your problems without help. Or maybe your particular problem will be addressed in a software update. We feel strongly that WP-Script offers valuable capabilities, but that another company can quickly overtake them simply offering decent support and documentation for their competitive products.

In closing, we reached out to WP-Script for comment and/or explanation. Except as quoted above, they ignored us. Buyer beware.

As always, Cheers to Love!

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