December 26, 2019

Don't Miss The Sex Tech At CES 2020

You might remember that last year's CES created a bit of controversy by "banning" an innovative sex toy that was creating quite a buzz. The CES controlling body was accused of sexism after a number of reversals on the issue. To try and stem the issue going forward, the Consumer Technology Association has created a "trial" product category called "Sex Tech" as a showcase for such products.

Sex Tech Is A Trial Category

The trial nature of the category is due to the sensitive nature of sex and the general public, and there are strict rules that will be applied to the display of any sex technology products. As always, no pornography is allowed at CES, and that will apply to products in the Sex Tech category as well.

Sex Is Not New At  CES

Though the category for sex technology may be new, sex itself is no stranger to CES. Long-time attendees might recall that the sex industry was one of the driving factors in the broad adoption of VHS and Betamax home video players. Having a video player meant being able to watch porn at home on your television instead of a seedy adult theatre in a part of town nobody wanted to visit. That innovation showed up at CES, with Adult Content Producers using the show to display their catalogs of watch-at-home porn. You could even meet porn stars like Marylin Chambers and Ron Jeremy at the show.

Sex Tech In Health and Wellness

The Sex Tech category will be part of the Health and Wellness section of the show. With new policies in place to guide sex tech vendors, no doubt there will be many new innovations on display. In addition to notables like OhMiBod and Lora DiCarlo, creators of The Osé sex toy, there are likely many new companies there to take advantage of the opportunity.

We hope to see you at CES 2020!

As always, Cheers to Love!

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