Hacks to Make More Money With Your Adult Website

The Adult Website Secret

We were all freaking out about the OnlyFans porn content ban. Today, we’re relieved that OnlyFans isn’t slowing down soon with their adult-only content. Thousands of people sign up daily for fan sites, with even more alternatives to OnlyFans. Although they have aspirations of full-time income, many creators don’t do well off OnlyFans alone. Teasing photos on Twitter and Instagram are a thing of the past, and many small creators are flooding the nearest comment section of a famous athlete trying to get followers. A sad reality for many aspiring creators is that they will only make an average of $100-180 per month if they’re lucky.

The big myth of the past was that going to an audition in Las Vegas would be your one-way ticket to the AVN magazine. A big lie now is that starting OnlyFans will make you millions of dollars. People get lost here, and those just joining must learn this hard. In terms of money, what top creators do is far more important than how many subscribers they have. So why do you see ASMR creators on sites like OnlyFans with over one million loyal subscribers? What about women in their sixties with over two-million followers on adult cam sites? Here’s a simple adult website secret; by playing into the desires of a few, you can attract many.

This statement speaks to the importance of having a niche. You’ve probably heard of websites like Blacked or Tushy, so I probably don’t even have to get into specifics for you to know what these brands do best. That’s the point. Your brand should be this easy to identify. Followers of sites like these have a common interest, which makes the subscribers of that site even more passionate about the content they’re watching. A following is more about what you have in common with your fans rather than just having people that like your photos. Faithful followers demand a relationship with an underlying expectation. So when someone decides to subscribe to you, what kind of content will you deliver to keep them? The best adult sites originate from this simple idea.

Eventually, if you haven’t already, you will want to build a central hub for all your followers across your platform. When you find common ground with your following, your goal is to take that simple idea they’re following and use it to expand your brand with your unique website. A website isn’t just good for more subscribers to enjoy your unique content; it can help your followers stay more informed and connected to your services. For example, you wouldn’t put your prices in your Instagram bio. Maybe you do, but there’s a place for more details like that on your main website. If you have multiple services, a website is a great place to have them in an elegant style across your platforms. So what’s so hard about making a website? It’s not the website; it’s the content on your website. It’s not connecting with others because it has no consistent audience member with a common interest, which is why many people subscribe to a specific site.

Unfortunately, many creators don’t have the discipline or consistency to find their unique audience. Without aim, they try to please everyone instead of the right ones. Yet, if you look at the top performers on fan sites, there’s something about their content that they’re doing best. Whether it’s a kink, cosplay, ASMR, or doing skits, top performers on OnlyFans are sticking with one thing and becoming the best ones to do it. If you want to grow on OnlyFans, you’ll need more than just a few daily posts. You’ll need a unique approach with consistent brand recognition through every single platform possible, especially your fan sites and website. If you’re interested in learning more, here are three tips and some advice to keep in mind to make more money on your adult site in 2023.

1. No More Free Content

A popular method of getting traffic to your site is through free content. Here’s my hot take – Don’t offer any more free content. Some would say it waters down your brand. Others would say it funnels in followers. The focus is on the word brand. A brand is a bridge that connects you with your fans and separates what you do from others. You can’t build a brand by reposting other people’s content and charging a premium fee. People always come to us here at OASysTech and ask us to make them the next PornHub. It doesn’t work like that. Unless you specialize in a specific type of content, you’ll easily blend in with the rest.

Everyone wants the best adult website, but you’ll only get there by being relatable to viewers. Most of the time, free content is just a free-for-all to see who will end up subscribing for the same thing they could get from a free adult tube site. It’s time to monetize everything. We’re talking about social networking, fan sites, cam sites, etc. The bottom line is every aspect of your brand is now about attracting a specific type of person, and that person is on every single one of these platforms if you have the right reach. Your search for fans starts by discovering what others are into and what you like. Creating a fantasy is whatever attracts a specific type of person. If you haven’t already, you might ask yourself, “which fantasy am I supposed to be?” When you know the kind of person you want to attract, you’ll find it easy to feed their desires.

2. Become A Fantasy

Getting attention isn’t hard, but you must be a particular type of fantasy to connect with a specific kind of viewer. To reel in these viewers, you must understand them before meeting them. Likewise, they must recognize your demeanor and relate to you personally enough to become a fan. At this point, it is an excellent time to start looking at niche content that has worked for you in the past. The chances of monetizing everyday content with no clear niche are low. If people want to watch people have sex, they will go to free porn tube sites. But, if you can give somebody something they’re searching for that doesn’t exist or isn’t done correctly, you can use that to your advantage. It’s about jumping on a trend and being the first to do it best before it’s too late. Being too early or too late can be equally as hard because if no one is doing what you do, you’re putting yourself out there and taking significant risks. If you’re too late, then there’s not anything you can do but beat the person doing it best.

You might start to overthink, but more than anything, pay attention to your audience’s response. See what content is working, what you could try, and what you’re comfortable doing. If that content is performing well, and it’s something you’d be comfortable doing consistently, you can carve out a new section for yourself in that lane of adult websites. When you catch a new wave in the industry, your website can blow up in subscriptions, and that’s what you’re hoping for, right? Many performers draw inspiration from each other. You can put yourself in a new league by doing something that already exists but doing it better. The best way to know if you’re good at certain content styles, try them out on your viewers. Are you doing something right now that got a lot of recent feedback?

The best feedback you can get is from the people watching your content. Especially since they are paying for your content, you can be damn sure they’ll tell you what’s working. If you enjoy specific content, keep doing it and see how your audience responds. It can be as simple as something you wear, a character you play, or something you say. For example, if you’re an ex-volleyball player, why not get back in the game with a photo shoot? Your offer could be “Locker Room Photos and Videos” through fan sites like OnlyFans. You shouldn’t have to think too hard about it.

3. Use the Existing Platforms to Your Advantage

OnlyFans isn’t the only platform to take over. I bet Instagram isn’t the only place you post your mirror selfies, right? Creating an omnipresence online gives you a better chance of attracting future fans. OnlyFans isn’t the only platform that allows you to sell access to your exclusive content. Sites like Fansly and cam sites like Cam Soda are great for growing an audience. Here’s the problem with these platforms; you don’t make the rules. Remember how we were relieved about the pornographic content ban on OnlyFans? Although they changed their minds, this is something to consider in the future still being a possibility. It’s better to be prepared than lose all of your hard work, which is why your fans should follow you on every platform. With many significant networks starting to join OnlyFans, I don’t think we have to worry about fan sites changing rules. Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Using all the platforms is a future-proof strategy that will always be relevant to growing your site’s unique content engagement.

Eventually, you’re going to have to make your adult website. Your website will be similar to OnlyFans, but you will have your own rules. Even the major networks are joining fan sites, so just because you’ll be making a website doesn’t mean you’re leaving OnlyFans. Building a website covers all your bases, so think of your website as a home plate. Your website should be the central hub of your content, but it should also link to your fan sites to help build the omnipresence of your brand. Your website could be a portfolio, a showcase of your latest work, or just a place that holds everything together. If you’re doing this full-time, having a website can set you apart and give you a space to do whatever you want in the future. You can sell your subscribers merchandise, toys, and more services, building a more significant connection to your fans and brand awareness.

What’s next?

Today you have to be your network. The deeper you get into the adult-entertainment industry, you realize that it’s not about views or subscribers; it’s about ownership of your content and getting the proper attention. With eyes on you, you’ll earn subscribers like clockwork. Still, the opportunities you get from creating unique content can consist of deals with other companies, merchandise sales, more services, and more than you’re probably ready for now. It’s fun to think about all the possibilities, so it’s essential to think about your brand’s long-term without overthinking it. It may feel like a lot to consider, but don’t forget the basics.

Always use your platforms, including your website, as a central hub for all your content. Don’t let having a website make you lose sight of subscriptions, engaging with your followers, and connecting with other brands. Gaining a solid following across all your platforms is the backbone of adding website subscribers. In addition, you must have a high standard for creating content, engaging with subscribers, and how much content you put out. Finally, setting big goals is fueled by a high level of consistency and discipline. You will not get mediocre results when you place your goals high in this business. You get out what you put in. Consistency is a decision made once, and discipline is what takes you where you want to go.

The Future of Your Content

The truth is, this industry is still evolving every year. It doesn’t take more equipment, fancier lighting, or a new face to become the next best thing. Instead, we continue to ask how we can do more with less. It goes back to the saying “less is more.” You’re now in a time where you can compete with some of the biggest names in adult entertainment, but you have to go about it the right way. With the right niche and character portrayal, you can build a multi-million dollar business, but the only way you’ll get to the money is by putting your audience’s needs first by knowing what they want from the start. How can I make the most original content true to myself and still relate to others’ wants? Evaluate what’s working for you and go from there.

Maybe you’re new to all of this, but now you’re starting to see what it takes. Perhaps you’ve already found what makes you different and are ready to take your next steps toward building a unique branded site. If you’re in a position to move forward with building your adult website, you will want to ensure you do it right. It would help if you had people who create successful adult websites for creators. To learn more about our team of adult website builders at OASysTech, check out our service page and portfolio. We have helped many creators create an online omnipresence through singular strategies and premium sites. We’d love to help you do the same.

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