What Are Your OnlyFans Alternatives

You do not have a problem. You have an opportunity!

So, you’ve heard the news about the ban of pornographic content on OnlyFans and you’re scrambling to maintain your revenue stream!? … Now what? We want to assure you there is something you can do about it!

If you’re concerned about losing your access to the revenue stream you’ve created at Onlyfans, you can rest easy. The ban of porn on Onlyfans actually creates an opportunity to improve your revenue percentage from all your hard work. By keeping your Onlyfans profile alive with your non-porn content, you can use your profile as a way to send traffic to your own revenue making destination. Not only is this a simple way to stay alive on Onlyfans, you can put your real revenue-making content in a place where YOU keep all the proceeds.

In our opinion, the Onlyfans porn ban is not a problem. It’s an opportunity. Even if you have a medium following, you can afford to create your own website where your followers can pay to see the best of you. The Onlyfans revenue share you were paying was pretty steep; with a small upfront investment to build your website, and a minimal ongoing cost for delivering your content to users, you will be making more profit from your content!

What’s It Going To Take?

1. Your Own Porn Site

OASysTech can build you a website to act as a front door to you and your content. This can either be a tubesite based solution, if you want to keep your budget somewhat conservative. Or you can create a custom website that reflects you, your look, and is unique to you and your preferences. The functionality of the two options is essentially the same. But the tubesite choice will be less expensive to build and can be ready much quicker than a custom site. A custom site will take more time because, well, it’s custom to you. Everything is built from scratch and designed just for you, involving more time and effort.

2. Accept Credit Card Payment

You will need to sign up for a credit card processor that supports adults only content. For example, CCBill, etc… They will charge more than typical credit card processors because the adults-only market is considered “high-risk”. Not because you are high risk. But because the adult market tends to have many chargebacks and is a common thing in the adult industry.

3. Quality Web and Video Hosting

You will need hosting for your website and for your videos. And yes, that is two different things. Your website will need a webhost and your videos will need a video content delivery network.

4. Webmastering and Site Management

Once everything is up and running, you need to consider your site management. If you are busy making content for your followers and subscribers, you likely do not have time to worry about this. With OASysTech as your webmaster we handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on making content and making money. This can include basic software updates and backups, or even uploading and managing your content.

We’re Ready To Help You Right Now

We know this may seem intimidating. Especially since you already had a great solution in place with Onlyfans. We promise to make this change as easy as possible for you. We know exactly what to do and will guide you through every step and support you all along the way.