March 23, 2020

What It Really Takes To Build An Adult Website

One of the most common questions we hear at OASysTech is "How Much Does A Porn Website Cost?" Sadly, the real response to a question like that should be "Probably more than you can afford". Not because we don't think that they don't have enough money to build a porn website, but because we know they are already focused on the wrong thing. A question like that presumes that everything else is equal. Cost is the only difference. It's like asking "How much is a car? A boat? A house?". Without knowing what the question actually means, there is no way of gauging the value of the answer. Boats are $15., by the way. You can find plenty on Amazon for that price. In the toys section.

What It Really Takes To Create An Adult Website

The primary pieces of an adult site begin with the website itself, which presents the content and perhaps charges for people to see it. The website may be something simple, like a tube site, or a completely custom site. Either way, this piece must exist before you can begin to add content to it.

The costs of creating the website itself are largely affected by the type of site you intend to build. For example, a tube site will tend to be less expensive because it has a predetermined layout and presentation. There are also fewer options for customization with that approach, but it also affords the advantage of being quicker to develop and usually has built-in capabilities that are ready to go. A custom-built site will take longer to create and cost more, but the options for layout and presentations are virtually unlimited. Custom adult websites cost more because they are generally built from scratch to meet your expectations. They are not canned ready-to-go solutions.

Words Images and Videos

Then there is the content to present, both media (videos and images) and text content. These must be content created for the front page of your site, as well as typical pages like About, Privacy, Terms and Conditions, and so forth. Of course, you will also need the text content for the titles and descriptions and tags for each video.

How these things come to exist greatly determines the cost of your website. If you already have them, great. Then you won't have to pay someone to create them or take the time to manifest them on your own. But either way, they must exist. The words need to be written and the videos and images need to be shot.

Of course, many customers do not already have these things or the ability to create them. That might be because they just want to build a simple tube site that pulls videos and content from elsewhere, which is fine. But for a custom site, especially one that will be commercialized, there is no choice but to pay to have content created and to buy videos from a library or to plan to create those things on your own.

One note of caution here. We get many inquiries asking about tube sites and how to make money with them. Though we do not typically advise people on their business decisions, we do have a suggestion for tube sites. Please do not expect that you can build a simple tube site that pulls videos from elsewhere and that you will make money. That almost never happens and that is not what we recommend tube sites for. Please see our post on tube sites for more information on what we do recommend them for.

Website Hosting And Content Delivery

This is one of the commonly overlooked aspects of an adult website. Hosting is an ongoing cost that needs to be considered. You can't just put an adult website anywhere. It needs to be hosted where adult content is allowed. It needs to be hosted on a server that can offer good performance when many people are looking at your site. Preferably a dedicated one so your site is as fast as possible.

Additionally, if your website will be hosting your content, then you will need to consider the cost of storing and delivering those videos when users want to see them. Just uploading your videos to the website itself might be enough at first. But it is far more likely that you will need to host and deliver them from a CDN (content delivery network). Most web servers simply are not capable of delivering gigabytes of video content simultaneously to multiple users without bogging down and becoming unusable for all users. That is what the CDN will do for you. Your website will remain quick and responsive because the CDN will do all the heavy lifting for you.

We have built many adult websites at OASysTech. We feel confident about the steps involved and that these are realistic expectations for anyone who is sincerely wanting to create an adult site. We have intentionally avoided covering marketing and advertising costs, as well as SEO for search and social. These are just the elements involved in the manifestation of the site itself.

As always, best of luck to you!

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