January 21, 2020

The Real Secret Of SEO Is Quite Obvious

Whether we’re talking about search optimization for traditional websites or for adult websites, the fundamental rules of winning the game are the same, be the best! Now you might ask yourself, what the Hell does “be the best” mean for SEO? If the answer is not obvious to you, then you’re probably not the best. You do not top the list of your competitors and they are not envious of your organic rank. So let’s examine what it means to be the best, so you can see how you compare, and look at what you need to change to make that happen.

Stop Making Common Mistakes

Old school SEO thought just never seems to die. For example, even though Google literally says “Don’t buy links!”, people still buy links. Even though Google says “Stop keyword stuffing!”, we still see websites with an optimization that reflects those ideas. It’s SEO from 10 years ago or more. Not only are these methods a complete waste of time, but they can also end up hurting you badly. It’s not difficult, simply from not knowing, to get pages (and sites) penalized just from making mistakes.

What To Do Instead

When we search, the intention behind the results we see is to provide value to us. If we see that the results are just pages stuffed with keywords, that’s not very valuable. But if instead, we find exactly what we were looking for, then the results are very valuable. This is what SEs hope to achieve and therefore, it is what YOU should consider when you want your website to be found. Provide real value to your visitors. Do this and you will be rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

What Constitutes Real Value?

First of all, great content. Words that inform and are interesting. Greet your visitors with real and original content that conveys your message clearly. Make your content interesting and informative. Supplement your content with images wherever appropriate and use appropriate ALT tags in them. Again, avoid keyword stuffing. Write like you know what you're talking about and say it in such a way that people will WANT to read it. Be authoritative on your topic.

Following these guidelines will get your content cited and shared elsewhere. If your content is interesting, then users will take a while to read it and share it. They may even write their own posts that link to your articles, or cite them within their own content. All these help you because it puts you at the center of attention. The more you can do this, the more you will achieve good SEO results.

Be Relevant Relatable and Real

Nobody wants to hear old news and read content that is simply a recapitulation of something that’s been said ad nauseum. And keep in mind, we’re in the adult business here. It’s not easy to come up with new ideas and topics. Sex has been around for a while, so writing about it or creating new content takes some real thought and creativity. Interesting original stories are a good idea. Whether they’re about news reviews and or fictional stories to post on your porn blog, write real content people can relate to. Be controversial. Be honest. Be different. Be outrageous. In essence, do everything you can do to stand out.

Create An Upward Ever-Increasing Trend

Your site should be building an ever-increasing audience and, hopefully, they are staying on your site longer and sharing your content more all the time. These trends will reflect to Google and other SEs that your site is the one with the buzz and attention. Consider it like the Law of Attraction. Attract traffic and you will be rewarded by search engines with even more traffic.

Get The Right Users With Clever Click Bait

Always consider your audience. What will they click on? What kind of “clickbait” works on the kind of visitors you want to attract? And let’s face it, clickbait works if it’s done well. It’s what got you to read this article in the first place. Didn’t you want to know the obvious real secret of search engine optimization? And didn’t you read all the way down to this paragraph to learn about it? There is nothing wrong with using clickbait to attract users. The trick is to say something actually interesting and then, once your user clicks on your link, to provide them with the real value they were looking for. Anything less will kill your credibility right away.

The Obvious Secret 

Remember, your intention is to provide real value to your users. So, then in the spirit of doing that right here, here is the real and obvious secret to SEO is this, straight from Google...

Be awesome!

No kidding! Right? Be awesome! So let that be your guide in whatever you do on your website. Awesome words. Awesome porn. Awesome user experience. And an ever-growing audience of awesome users who will share and cite your content everywhere. THAT is how to dominate SEO. Stop worrying about links. Stop worrying about keywords. Just do what you can to be awesome and let the search engines worry about the other nonsense. Let your excellent website with excellent content attract users for you. Those users will, in turn, share your excellence and help push you all the way to the top. And that is how it’s really done.

As always, Cheers to Love!

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