April 23, 2020

Now Is The Time

If you spend a few minutes watching the news today, you're likely to be inundated with gloom and doom everywhere. And there is no doubt that there is much to be concerned about. The world is truly in a different place than it was only just a few short weeks ago. A tiny virus has literally upended the entire planet and thrown everything into chaos. The things we have all come to count on, like getting a haircut or going out for dinner with friends, can no longer be taken for granted.

There Is Always Opportunity

But what is also true is that with change comes opportunity. This is especially true when the change is forced change. Then, because there is simply no other choice, all the barriers begin to fall and new things that were once too far out or maybe a "one-day" thing, really begin to become possible. That is the time we live in right now. This is literally the moment when we will ALL begin to do things very differently than they ever have before because we must. When the things we counted on are no longer there, we begin to open up to new things. It's simply human nature. It's a form of survival for humans to use ingenuity. Especially when they absolutely have to!

A Changing World Creates New Possibilities

What we're seeing now is a wholesale shift to the online world. Everywhere you look, people are researching and inventing ways to make money online. As always, this is especially so in the adults-only world. The sex industry has always led the way because sex is a constant drive. That makes it something that people will always pay for. A product that never loses its appeal. If you look at the history of the Internet, for example, you will see that it was the pornographers who invested in new technology for video and streaming and found ways to get people to pay for it. Even before that, it was porn that really made the videotape market as big as it was for local rental shops.

People want porn in their homes and they're willing to pay for it. That's the clear message here. The key is to find a way to target your audience and give them what they're looking for. There are many ways to find viewers who will pay for your porn. But none of them are going to create revenue immediately. No matter what you choose to do, you have to be willing to also do the footwork to find and attract your audience. You can't just create a site and put videos on it. You need to spend the time to drive the right traffic to it. Now is the time to do that!

Capitalize On Your Own Preferences

Stop for a moment and think about what you like. What are your own preferences? If you're a couple or an individual, what's your fetish? Are you willing to go public with it? Either showing or masking your true identity? Then maybe you should consider a paid subscription site featuring your own videos. Sites like that can be produced and maintained inexpensively. A well run site with regular updates can make money if it's marketed well.

Find People Who Want What You Offer

No matter what you create, you'll need to find customers for it. One of the best ways to do that is to create edited versions of your videos and post them on PornHUB. Be sure to watermark your videos with your URL so viewers will know where to find you. Be sure to also create a profile to post your edited videos from and add some attractive graphics and a good description of what you're offering. And of course, upgrade to a premier profile so you can link back to your website, where you offer your full-length unedited videos and content.

Sell It On PornHUB?

Of course! Offering paid videos on PornHUB and elsewhere will only help your cause. Even though you'll be sharing quite a chunk of the revenue when you do that, it's still an easy and quick way to get going. And if it works, then it can continue to be a great way to give people a good taste of your offerings and that will also drive traffic to your main website. It simply does not need to be one or the other. Our suggestion is to do it in as many places as it makes sense. More is always better in this case. Even for SEO, having multiple sites driving traffic to you will help your rank on search engines and that will help you get found as well.

Do I Really Need A Custom Website?

No. You do not need a custom website. What you really need is unique content. You can present your content in a simple tube site. You can secure some categories behind a paywall and charge for access using the same process. Custom websites are great and they do help to establish you in your genre too, but it does not take a lot of flash and cash to sell porn. Just make it easy for people to sign up and make them want to with good content.

What About Hosting?

For starters, you can definitely host your own content. There are some limitations to that method, but it's definitely doable. But remember, videos are big. Especially high-def and 4k videos. If you're going to host your own video content, then you'll need to keep your high-def format to 720p for the best results. This will save your storage and your bandwidth as well. It will also make it possible and realistic for your website to stream to multiple users simultaneously.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using this method to save money in the beginning. However, as soon as your popularity grows, and hopefully it will, then you'll most likely need to move your videos onto the media network like CloudFlare streaming or Sprout Media. That will add to your cost. But, generally speaking, your cost will be growing along with your subscribers. This is just a reality of doing business.

How Do I Get Started?

Chat with us online! Send us an Email! Give us a call! We're more than happy to discuss your plans and help you all along the way. We realize the entire process can be confusing. Let us help you by making it easy. We are experts at helping newbies to the porn industry and will give you honest feedback on your plans. We want you to be successful. We want you to find your way and we can help!

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