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The OASysTech Adult Web Blog is where we share the latest news from the adult industry and much more. This is where you find useful tidbits on marketing to mature audiences, how to make the most of the online opportunities to promote and grow your business. This is where you can learn the latest tips and tricks to promote your business. Yes! We give away some of our secrets here. Not all of them, of course. Just enough so you'll know that we know what we're doing and that OASysTech is on your side.

WP Script Software ReviewOne of the most popular kinds of websites we build is porn tube sites. These are useful for a number of reasons and also fairly inexpensive to implement. We don't really recommend them as a way to make money unless you are going to use the site to host your own content. For most clients, a tube site is useful to attract a certain type of traffic that can then be referred to your main money-making site. They can also serve as a stepping stone for a domain to attract traffic while a full-fledged custom site is being developed.

Sex Technology At CES 2020You might remember that last year's CES created a bit of controversy by "banning" an innovative sex toy that was creating quite a buzz. The CES controlling body was accused of sexism after a number of reversals on the issue. To try and stem the issue going forward, the Consumer Technology Association has created a "trial" product category called "Sex Tech" as a showcase for such products.

Why Porn Website FailSo there you are with your brand new porn website ready to take on the world. Of course, you're hoping that as soon as you get your credit card processor connected, and open the doors to a horny and waiting public, the money will start rolling in. And who wouldn't want that? Isn't the essential dream of every porn entrepreneur? To be making money right away? Of course, it is. Unfortunately for many, things don't work out as planned and a lot of good intentions and effort go right down the drain. From our experience, here are the reasons why most porn websites fail.

Las Vegas AVN Adult Expo 2020It's almost that time again! AVN, the Adult Entertainment Expo, is coming to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The show runs from January 22 through 25 and is expected to draw the biggest crowds ever, of course. Everyone who's anyone in the adult business will be there, right along with all their fans. AVN is a great place to meet and greet those you love from afar, and to see what they look like in three dimensions. Or just with clothes on, for a change.

3 Steps to Launching a Successful Porn Website

3 Steps To Launching A Successful Porn Site

I hate to say it, but just because you create good porn, does not mean that you will get viewers. We have seen it happen many times, where a client builds a website and the traffic never happens. Marketing / social media are the keys to success as a content creator, especially in the adult entertainment industry. If you have a loyal fan base, you will not need to worry about competing with all the free porn available in the market.

Skynmen Re-Launches An All New WebsiteAfter struggling for more than a year to create the website they really wanted, contacted OASysTech to redesign and rebuild their membership video on demand website. Our goal was to create a site that would present their excellent content well and that could be reskinned easily for promotions and for other needs. We also wanted to give them a site that they could manage and that would serve visitors well, no matter where they visit from or what device they are using.

Las Vegas AVN Adult Expo 2018Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know that the annual Adult Expo (AVN) just happened in Las Vegas. Held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the show drew literally thousands of attendees and exhibitors alike. We paid a visit to the show ourselves, since our offices are just down the road from the Hard Rock, and, well, we're in the industry! It made for the perfect excuse to take the day off, so to speak, and enjoy getting a little closer to the people who we share this business with. We had a great time and discovered some interesting trends that are happening, and that aren't happening, in the adults only business.

How To Make Websites FastOne of the most commonly overlooked elements in website creation is the need for speed. This is as true on the adults-only world as it is for any mainstream website. We look at design and always want to be compelling to our users and encourage sign-ups and purchases. We think about hosting costs and maintenance costs and the cost of acquiring new users and potential customers. Seldom do we consider website speed. Especially during the website creation phase, we forget about speed and go full bore into impact and presentation. It's only when users complain and our rank suffers that we notice that performance matters and that website speed is something that deserves our attention.

Hosting adult websites in the cloudOne of the most important aspects of your SEO is making sure your website is as fast as possible. One of the best ways to achieve excellent website performance is by employing a cloud based virtual private server or "VPS". A virtual private server is simply a cloud-based (hence virtual) version having a dedicated piece of hardware for your website. You can simply use a cloud service to create your server instance and then install the software you need to create your website.

Adults Only Site Owners Must Use Caution

This is becoming a very popular option for website owners concerned about good ranking and good a user experience as well. However, for owners of adults only websites, caution must be used so that the website does not violate the terms and service and risk immediate shutdown. For your convenience, we have created list of the most popular cloud server solutions that allow Adults Only websites and a warning about those that do not.

free porn website generate trafficOne of the biggest challenges for any SEO marketer or website owner who needs to achieve good rank for their keywords is generating consistent and useful traffic to your target website. It is simply impossible to expect good ranking without a meaningful flow of traffic to a website. And not just any traffic either. It has to be traffic coming from sites related to your topics.

blog post rankbrainOver the last few years, many SEO experts and larger website owners have taken on the task of creating private blog networks, or PBNs, to help support their SEO efforts. In case you are unaware (???), a PBN is a way to support website search engine optimization by mimicking the real world, if you will, but with the ability to control what happens. For example, almost everybody with any SEO expertise will tell you that the best thing you can do for your website is to get good quality links to your website from other relevant websites. But that's not easy to do, as you can imagine. So many people have taken on that challenge by creating a network of sites that they control that can be used to build links from in order to support their primary websites. It's like having a whole group of friends you can call on at any moment to say "Vote for me!". And, it can be a very effective tool if used properly and cared for well ongoing.

blog post rankbrainYou must have known this was coming. At least if you're serious about SEO, you should have known. Google has been doing quite a bit of experimenting and development in artificial intelligence. And there have been some amazing advances even at this early stage. Perhaps you have seen the improvements elsewhere already. If you frequent Google Translate, for example, you have probably noticed an incredible improvement in its translation effectiveness. Some languages actually yield near perfect translations now, and in fact, the new A.I. based mechanism has shown signs of creating its own intermediate language to speed up and improve the translations. Incredible!


Porn Industry Under Fire?

It seems with every presidential election we have in the United States there is always substantial drama on both sides of the aisle. No matter which side we are on, we are all sure that our side is right. We argue. We complain. We mistrust each other. And yet no matter what, we are always sure we have the correct answer. That our side is the side that should be in charge and the one to make the world better again. Of course it never quite works out the way we want it to. And yet, even though the major streams of interest that were so important during the election season tend to fade away once the new king or queen is anointed, there are still real world impacts that happen whenever Washington changes hands. Arguably, this election holds the very real possibility of being quite different than many we are accustomed too. This new administration holds some very extreme views compared to many in the past, as evidenced by their willingness to ban even valid green card holders from entering the United States. With this in mind, those in the adult entertainment industry would be wise to be on guard. 

about adult seo

Think for a minute if you will, about what Google wants to show to its users when they search. When you visit Google (or Bing or Yahoo!), how do you imagine they decide what to show you when you go looking for something? They decide based upon what appears to be the most real and authoritative pages for the keywords you searched for. Their goal is to keep out the spam and promote the real stuff to the top. To do this, the algorithms they use have to incorporate a myriad of factors for every search so that you see the most real results possible. They filter out the spam by detecting spammy content and optimizing methods. They can detect these methods and patterns easily now, and long gone are the days of gaming the system. Real Adult SEO is not achieved by buying hundreds of links or posting overly optimized content. It is the result of well thought out plans and targeted ongoing efforts. It means knowing, specifically, what you are going after, what it's worth, and what it's going to take to get there. Adult marketing specialists know this, and they know the additional impediments to success that adult seo presents. That's why they cost more than the spammers. They're not going to waste your time with false promises and quick fixes. It just does not work that way.

blog post vod site cost

Believe it or not this is the most common question we get at OASysTech. Of all the inquiries we get, by far the most common is visitors asking how much it costs to setup a video on demand porn site. If we were to gauge the most popular adult websites being created today by that statistic, certainly Adult VOD sites are by far the most popular and in demand. And even just a little bit of thought on the subject yields a clear reason for this... Adult Video On Demand sells. Of that there is little doubt. And so with that in mind everybody wants to setup their own adult site and cash in on the trend. Certainly there is a lot of money to be made with a well done and well marketed website. But how much does something like that really cost? It all depends on how serious you really are. Why? Because you're about to discover that your website is only the start of your ongoing expenses. In the sex business, you really do have to spend money to make money.

I Want To Be A Pornstar VegasHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pornstar? To have great sex with lots of people and make money doing it? If so, then this website could be just your opportunity. IWantToBeAPornstar.Vegas is a brand new website created to showcase amateur porn created solely by real amateurs. The site offers a great library of hot videos featuring many popular amateur porn themes and new faces you wont see anywhere else. The primary idea behind this concept is to allow newbies to porn making to try their hand, so to speak, by starring in a real porn video that will be marketed and sold online.

Choosing the right Content Manager for adult websites

Choosing the right content management solution for an adult website means finding something that not only works well for web management novices, but one that also provides great security and SEO features right out of the box. We're selling sex here, right? So the best solutions are going to free us up to create and post content that sells and not burden us with time and effort learning all about technology every time something changes. Of course adult webmasters and website owners also face additional challenges, but the content management solution does not have to be one of them.

Stereo Virtual Reality Porn Is A Must

One of the emerging technologies in web porn is that of virtual reality. It seems that every week leads to another VR porn site announcement. The groundswell of interest in the technology should not come as a surprise to anyone with a history in the adult business. Our business is always a technology innovator and a driving force behind what becomes popular of what doesn't. Remember VHS versus Betamax? The idea is always to innovate and be accessible to the masses, and VR porn is no different. But with those innovations come risks and pitfalls as well.

Choosing paid porn website models

Everyone who goes about creating a paid porn website wants to be successful. And by successful they mean, to make money from porn and to keep making money from porn. Nobody does this as a one off. Most porn site creators look at the effort more as creating an every unfolding money tree. But the truth is quite far from this reality. There is really no easy way to create something that will make users want to pay and to keep paying. There are several well known models for paid porn websites. Each deserves careful consideration and each offers it's own advantageous.

3rd Circuit Court 2257 RulingToday the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a lower court ruling regarding the constitutionality of performer record-keeping, i.e., the infamous USC 2257 forms. The stunning decision essentially makes the 2257 provisions unenforceable. This is one of the biggest wins for the adult industry in decades and lends further credence to the widespread legitimacy and acceptance of the industry. For years, the government has sought to reign in the industry in ways that go far beyond protecting people from themselves.

oasystech dont use wix for your adult websiteOne of the most commons needs in the web industry is the ability for customers to get amazing websites cheap. It's a 100% guarantee when someone calls us that they will want to get the most for their money. Who doesn't, right? But when it comes to the websites, there is this odd perception that amazing and awesome websites can be created out of thin air. This perception is driven by many factors, of course. But one of the main reasons is that people assume, wrongly so, that because some bobbing tech head in a commercial said something, that it must be true. There are plenty of do-it-yourself website companies out there, and their marketing is very effective. DIY web companies like Wix, for example, want you to believe it's easy to create your masterpiece. But for many users, especially for those in the adult industry, Wix and services like it are terrible choices for many reasons.

tech and porn and a difficult mixEvery day we get calls to create websites with all the latest technology. It has to be compatible with this and has to do that on phones or tablets and browsers too. It's such a switch from the old days of technology and porn when the XXX industry was leading the charge in almost every way. It's been a long time since porn caused VHS to win out over the Betamax video tape format. These days porn vendors are scrambling to keep up with new technologies. Everything from games to video formats in ultra high def is driving porn vendors to invest in all new technologies on an almost constant basis. Even the media itself is not immune to the changes.

Why It Matters To Be Connected

oasystech networkingYou might think that being friends with your competitors is a counter-intuitive idea. Why would you want to stay close to the very people who are selling the same products and services that you are? Because, in the long run, it makes a lot more sense to learn from each other and support each other than it does to pretend your competitors don't exist and trying to one-up them all the time.

The Reasons Not To Are Just Dumb

Everyone wants to think their stuff is the best. And of course you should see your products and services as the best. You better! That's your job. At least it is if your plan is to be successful. Who have you even seen be successful that didn't believe in what they were selling? Yes, you should beware of your secrets. Your marketing ideas. Your expansion plans. Next year's models. All that stuff is important and proprietary. But to pretend that you don't have competitors as if that will help you is simply wrong thinking.

Sex Is A Touchy Subject

oasystech social marketingIf there was ever a touchy subject on the social web, it's sex and nudity. It seems the standards are all over the place when it comes to what's possible and what isn't. In short, unlike traditional businesses that are welcomed on almost every social service, from Facebook to Twitter and Google+ too, adult businesses have to tread lightly or lose their hard earned following in a flash.

There Are Only Two Places Where [Almost] Everything Goes

On the one hand, the list is not hard to remember. At least for the major social sites, it's clear who allows sex and nudity and who doesn't. First of all, none of the traditional social sites allow explicit pornography except Twitter and Tumblr. Only those two allow just about anything you can imagine as long as it's not illegal porn. Yea, penetration shots. Yes, cum shots. Just about anything adults can do with adults is okay on Twitter and Tumblr