September 16, 2017

Which Free CMS Is Right For Your Adult Website?

Choosing the right content management solution for an adult website means finding something that not only works well for web management novices but one that also provides great security and SEO features right out of the box. We're selling sex here, right? So the best solutions are going to free us up to create and post content that sells and not burden us with time and effort learning all about technology every time something changes. Of course, adult webmasters and website owners also face additional challenges, but the content management solution does not have to be one of them.

The Leading Solutions

Probably the best known free content management solutions for most people are WordPress and Joomla. These two programs make up the Lion's share of the open-source CMS market. WordPress, which is essentially a mature blogging platform, is by far the most widely adopted. Joomla, which has always been a blogging platform but has been more widely adopted over time than WordPress, is a distant second in popularity. Many would attribute the difference in popularity between the two to the fact that WordPress is easier to understand learn and use for most people. Whether or not that's true, the reality is that both WordPress and Joomla are excellent solutions as the basis for adult website platforms.

What About Other Content Managers?

Joomla and WordPress are far from the only free solutions out there. However, when it comes to longevity and community support, they are really unmatched. For the most part, we would suggest that other solutions, for example, Drupal or other PHP based platforms, lag behind when it comes to convenience. Once again, our main goal as adult marketers is to sell our content. Many of the solutions available can create support nightmares that will get in the way of that main goal. We suggest that by staying with the well-worn solutions, you can avoid those problems and instead spend your time making money or doing whatever else you like to do with your spare time.

Which One Should You Choose?

We build a lot of adult-oriented websites at OASysTech. All of them need some form of content management capability built-in. We also like to build sites that are easy to use and support so that we can spend our time making money too. We find that both WordPress and Joomla fit the bill and that both can do everything we want them to do. We see Joomla as a more industrial-strength solution overall and WordPress as a solid solution more easily understood and navigated by novices. The one you choose should depend on whether you want to spend a little more time learning the back end management of Joomla in order to gain from its adaptability. Or would you rather go for the easier and more straightforward solution and live within the framework provided by WordPress.

How Can You Go Wrong With Free?

Either way, it's hard to go wrong with these programs. Both can run almost everywhere and both are mature, well known and reliable. As a caveat, we would add that these two solutions seem to be in a constant battle for users. The result is that no matter which one you choose, you're going to benefit from tremendous support and a constant stream of updates designed to make your site better and more modern. As an example, both Joomla and WordPress support Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. That means right out of the box, your free content manager is giving you some of the most modern and efficient ways to distribute your content on mobile devices. And all you have to do is install a software update to get it. To us, that's pretty amazing!

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