October 26, 2017

How Much Does An Adult Video On Demand Website Cost?

Believe it or not this is the most common question we get at OASysTech. Of all the inquiries we get, by far the most common is visitors asking how much it costs to setup a video on demand porn site. If we were to gauge the most popular adult websites being created today by that statistic, certainly Adult VOD sites are by far the most popular and in demand. And even just a little bit of thought on the subject yields a clear reason for this... Adult Video On Demand sells. Of that there is little doubt. And so with that in mind everybody wants to setup their own adult site and cash in on the trend. Certainly there is a lot of money to be made with a well done and well marketed website. But how much does something like that really cost? It all depends on how serious you really are. Why? Because you're about to discover that your website is only the start of your ongoing expenses. In the sex business, you really do have to spend money to make money.

Your Website Is Just Part Of The Cost

The truth is that site cost is only one part of establishing your adult video site. Unless you have a plethora of customers just waiting for you to setup your new website, you're going to need to market that baby too. It simply isn't realistic to ask about cost without at least some kind of marketing plan included. Your website and your marketing plan should be seen as a combined cost to get your product seen and sold. You'll have a started cost, which could be seen as similar to a rocket launch, where most of the fuel (i.e. your money) is expended just getting the rocket into space. Likewise you will have a large expense up front, creating and establishing the systems need to display and sell your videos and then to stream them and make them available for downloading after they've been purchased.

A Basic VOD Adult Site

A realistic plan to setup a new adult video on demand website will involve costs for the website design and setup, costs for hosting your website and the videos it sells and delivers, as well as a plan to market your new website. A reasonable budget for your site may be as low as $1500 to $2000 for a site that employs an open source content manager like Joomla or WordPress and something like WooCommerce for the selling products and taking money part. Your content can be download and streamed using http, so long as you aren't expecting a massive crowd right off the bat. If you are, or if you expect to grow quickly, then you may want to consider a more commercially based solution.

You Can't Hosting This On GoDaddy

Any video site, especially a busy adult video site, needs a good hosting solution that is capable of streaming large content down to your users. A site like this cannot be expected to work well, or even fit well on GoDaddy's basic hosting. At the very least you need something that will allow you to host your large videos and that has enough bandwidth to deliver content well to your users. Ideally you are going to put your site on top of a content delivery network that is suited for streaming content. You should consider hosting on a system that incorporates a CDN for best results for your users. The costs for hosting of this type can very, but $150 to $200 per month is a reasonable minimum.

How Much Does Getting Customers Cost?

So now that you have your $1500 website and your $150 per month hosting all ready to go, how do you get customers? You get customers by getting seen and found. You need to publish your site on all majer search engines and directories. Especially the adults ones. You know them all, right? And you need links. Lots of them. From all kinds of related adult websites and blogs and social sites as well. And you probably also need to advertise some as well, so you'll need to create some ads and some short clips of your stuff and get those posted on major adult sites that can steer traffic (i.e. business) your way. And, just in case you don't have a bunch of time on your hands to do all these things, you'll need to hire and SEO and Adult Marketing specialist to do all that for you. How much will that cost? To do it well, it will likely cost at least as much every month as you spent on your website to begin with. It all depends on how serious you are about being successful and which markets you go after.

Why You Can't Spend Less Than We Said

The numbers we've quoted for you here are very realistic and based on years of real world experience. Can you do it for less than we said? Maybe. If you shop and shop, you can always find someone willing to cut off a few more dollars. But you're likely to waste more time upfront and afterward too than the money you save will be worth. And remember, you're after a handy profit on your wares. Do you really want to pursue another $200 worth of savings while missing the opportunity to work with an excellent web development company that can make your site look great and work well? This same idea of balance holds true in your hosting and marketing as well. In this business, it pays to have a realistic budget, even if you do fall on the low end of the price range. Of course, you could always pick up the slack and do some of this work yourself if you really want to save every dollar. But, don't you have some movies to shoot?

Whatever you choose to invest in your website and marketing, we hope you find value in this advice and use it to your advantage.

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