November 11, 2017

Adult Search Engine Optimization Is A Pain In The Ass

Think for a minute if you will, about what Google wants to show to its users when they search. When you visit Google (or Bing or Yahoo!), how do you imagine they decide what to show you when you go looking for something? They decide based upon what appears to be the most real and authoritative pages for the keywords you searched for. Their goal is to keep out the spam and promote the real stuff to the top. To do this, the algorithms they use have to incorporate a myriad of factors for every search so that you see the most real results possible. They filter out the spam by detecting spammy content and optimizing methods. They can detect these methods and patterns easily now, and long gone are the days of gaming the system. Real Adult SEO is not achieved by buying hundreds of links or posting overly optimized content. It is the result of well thought out plans and targeted ongoing efforts. It means knowing, specifically, what you are going after, what it's worth, and what it's going to take to get there. Adult marketing specialists know this, and they know the additional impediments to success that adult seo presents. That's why they cost more than the spammers. They're not going to waste your time with false promises and quick fixes. It just does not work that way.

The Are No Quick Fixes

One of the things we encounter often at OASysTech is customers who have already wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to get results for their keywords with little or no success. They are often jaded and angry and have learned not to trust so called "SEO experts" any more. It's a difficult position to be in, because on the one hand the customer was willing to invest, but, they put too much emphasis and cheap and fast solutions. They ended up working with vendors who simply took their money and bought up a few links and blog posts for them. And since they may have seen a little blip on ranks, the vendor will claim success. But the success is small and short-lived, because there is nothing real about what was done. A blast of links is easily spotted and ignored. Your rank falls flat again and your money is gone.

Real Adult Search Engine Optimizing Is Complex Work

It's easy to tell which companies are offering real Adult SEO and which ones aren't. The real companies talk about methods. The fake ones offer special prices and vague promises. The difference between these companies is that the cheap ones will sell you what you want to buy. The real ones will determine what you need to do to rank above your competition and sell you that. The cheap companies will use bots to do generic work for you. The real ones use a team of people to handle every aspect of your SEO with intelligence and thought. The cheap companies will always attract a crowd of people looking to get something based on price. The real companies attract customers who recognize the opportunities presented by adult markets and are prepared to capitalize on them and to make the investment to do it. Everyone wants value. But not everybody recognizes the difference between low prices and great value.

You Need Much More Than Just Links

To actually get lasting results on Google, you need to look as real as possible and become as "popular" and authoritative as possible. All this needs to be accomplished without tripping the alarm, so to speak, and outing to Google that you're trying to optimize your results. To accomplish this requires a wide footprint of different efforts that go far beyond buying links. You'll need an ongoing influx of real links from ranking websites that are context relevant to your sites. You'll need hundreds to thousands of them and you'll need to keep adding new ones all the time. You'll need people to share your sites on Facebook and Twitter and to keep growing your followers on both. You will need to constantly monitor your competition and to outdo whatever efforts they are making, no matter what they may be.

Identifying The Right Opportunities

In the adult business, the best approach is to determine what you can achieve with your budget. There is simply no reason to waste time going after keyword targets that you cannot possibly rank for. Rather than the futile skeet-shoot method, a good Adult SEO company will help you determine what's achievable for you. They will advise you on keyword targets that are within your reach, rather then simply charging you a monthly fee to optimize your site with no real promise of workable and usable results. For example, you might find yourself paying SEO company $2000 a month to help you get results for "amateur porn" and getting nowhere. That's because there are companies investing ten times that amount to employ SEO experts to help them dominate those keywords. The market is worth it to them and they make far more than that by selling porn. A decent Adult SEO company will help you find alternative keywords where you can get results and thereby drive real business and revenue to your site.

Be Prepared To Invest In Results

In the adult business, it pays to get real about your goals and what you can accomplish. Put some science behind your ideas. Get clear on how valuable the opportunity is to you and then develop a real budget to address it effectively. It is not uncommon to spend $8000 dollars a month and more to attack adult opportunities. But the right way to address that cost is not to find out how to get it done cheaper, as we said earlier. The right way to address it is to be ready to capitalize on the traffic once you get it and to make sure you're making more than it costs you to get it. After all, why worry about $8000 a month for your SEO when the opportunity is ten or twenty times that size? And do you really think that the people who know that are trying to figure out how to save another $2000 a month? Not at all. They are using their top position well and making sure their site is grabbing every dollar possible and that it keeps doing that.

In the end you're going to have to decide if it's worth it to you or not. But if it is, don't waste your money trying to save money. It will cost you in the end and you'll simply be left with receipts for wasted expenses and lost profits from your wasted time.

As always, to your success!

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