February 6, 2016

Social Marketing For Adult Sites

Sex Is A Touchy Subject

If there was ever a touchy subject on the social web, it's sex and nudity. It seems the standards are all over the place when it comes to what's possible and what isn't. In short, unlike traditional businesses that are welcomed on almost ever social service, from Facebook to Twitter and Google+ too, adult businesses have to tread lightly or lose their hard-earned following in a flash.

There Are Only Two Places Where [Almost] Everything Goes

On the one hand, the list is not hard to remember. At least for the major social sites, it's clear who allows sex and nudity and who doesn't. First of all, none of the traditional social sites allow explicit pornography except Twitter and Tumblr. Only those two allow just about anything you can imagine as long as it's not illegal porn. Yea, penetration shots. Yes, cum shots. Just about anything adults can do with adults is okay on Twitter and Tumblr

Middle Earth Is Sacred Ground

Facebook allows butts and photos of sexual situations, but no nudity at all unless it's benign breastfeeding. There is a risk on Facebook, however, that even if your post is within the rules if someone is offended and complains, your post and possibly your profile, could get booted from the service. Facebook serves the widest audience in the world, and although they may try to be fair to all, there are limits to free speech. You do not have the right to promote dildos to children. That's the problem with Facebook, and the good of it too. If you're going to risk marketing your adult product or service here, be considerate and be careful. Time is money, and you could lose your invested time and effort quickly.

Absolute Zero Tolerance

Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest will boot your ass for anything at all. They are all three as strict as can be when it comes to sex and nudity. The answer is absolutely none is allowed at all. No tits, no butts, no strippers. These sites are strictly geared towards a family audience. Instagram, for example, is really beholden to Apple for its existence. Too many titties, they say, and Apple might pull their app from the app store, and their entire business could be destroyed. For whatever reason these services may have to disallow adult material, there is no doubt that violators will be booted as soon as they are discovered.


Be careful! That's the lowdown. Either play by the rules when the rules apply or be very careful is you intend to push the envelope.
And with all that in mind, may the best of luck be with you. And if you need more than luck, well, you know who to call!

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