December 28, 2018

Where To Host Adults Only Websites In The Cloud

One of the most important aspects of your SEO is making sure your website is as fast as possible. One of the best ways to achieve excellent website performance is by employing a cloud based virtual private server or "VPS". A virtual private server is simply a cloud-based (hence virtual) version having a dedicated piece of hardware for your website. You can simply use a cloud service to create your server instance and then install the software you need to create your website.

Adults Only Site Owners Must Use Caution

This is becoming a very popular option for website owners concerned about good ranking and good a user experience as well. However, for owners of adults-only websites, caution must be used so that the website does not violate the terms of service and risk an immediate shutdown. For your convenience, we have created a list of the most popular cloud server solutions that allow Adults Only websites and a warning about those that do not.

Digital Ocean

One of the most popular cloud vendors, Digital Ocean offers data centers in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Bangalore. Terms of Service do not preclude adults-only websites or material though some of the countries listed for data centers may.

DigitalOcean Terms of Service


With data centers in Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Tokyo, Linode continues to be a top provider for virtual private servers globally. Terms of Service do not preclude adult material though some countries listed may.

Linode Terms of Service


Vultr is one of the newest cloud services around and offers a broad range of data center locations including Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (NJ), Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, United Kingdom, Tokyo Japan, Singapore, and Sydney Australia. For Adult site owners, these very localized data centers are an excellent way to keep your website latency down for your regional visitors. Vultr Terms of Service do not preclude adult material or websites.

Vultr Terms of Service

Kyup (Siteground)

Kyup's data centers are a little more sparse than some of the competition, with locations in Chicago Amsterdam and Singapore, Kyup is operated by Siteground and both allow adult material.

Kyup Terms of Service

Google Cloud Front

Google does not preclude adult material on their Cloud Front VPS service. Google offers data centers globally, albeit a somewhat expensive solution for websites. Cloud Front is typically deployed for more complex web-based applications.

Google Cloud Front Terms of Service

Amazon Web Services

Unlike nearly all of their competition, for Amazon, it's a strict "no adult material allowed" policy. Fast or not, you can't put your adult website on Amazon's cloud. Period.

Amazon Web Services Terms of Service


Though these are not the only cloud services available that are compatible with your adult website, they do represent some of the best and most popular options. If you are considering deploying your adult website on a cloud-based VPS, we recommend you read "Getting On The Cloud Is Easier Than You Think" by our friends over at Empro. This excellent article will outline the various options that make getting on the cloud easy and inexpensive, even for adult websites. Also, you should always check the terms of service for your chosen solutions to be sure you are not violating their terms with your content or services.

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