May 27, 2016

Why Not To Use Wix For Your Adult Website

Wix Is Not For Professionals

One of the most commons needs in the web industry is the ability of customers to get amazing websites cheap. It's a 100% guarantee when someone calls us that they will want to get the most for their money. Who doesn't, right? But when it comes to the websites, there is this odd perception that amazing and awesome websites can be created out of thin air. This perception is driven by many factors, of course. But one of the main reasons is that people assume, wrongly so, that because some bobbing tech head in a commercial said something, that it must be true. There are plenty of do-it-yourself website companies out there, and their marketing is very effective. DIY web companies like Wix, for example, want you to believe it's easy to create your masterpiece. But for many users, especially for those in the adult industry, Wix and services like it are terrible choices for many reasons.

Why Isn't Google Finding My Pages?

This is actually one of the common questions people ask on DIY sites, and one of the main reasons you want to avoid using services like Wix. Avoid Wix because you care about your Google rank and you want to share pages people can remember. This will be a problem on Wix, which has a very bad URL hierarchy setup, where page names contain jibberish instead of search engine readable page names. So instead of ending up with a nice looking page people can remember, you end up with something that looks like a bank account number or the secret codes to launch missiles. The solutions they offer for this problem border on the ridiculous, suggesting users employ 301 redirects to improve their findability in Google. This is not a professional solution by any stretch of the imagination.

Because Boring Equals Forgettable

When you choose a DIY website service like Wix, you limit yourself to the templates they offer and give up the ability to create anything innovative. Instead of getting something uniquely yours, you end up looking like all the other sites on the service. Everyone picks from the same group of templates designed to make things easy. And easy is nice for many people and businesses. Easy is nice for your uncle Bob's jewelry craft's business. Easy is nice for a blog. But this is the adult business. This is where people mean business. Easy does not mean business. It says to people "We didn't care enough about our content to create a nice website to showcase it. Instead, we threw this together in a weekend of spare time, and we hope you can see past it". Nobody who is serious about the adult business would ever act that way.

A Well Built CMS Website Is A Better Solution

Most people have heard of WordPress before. They know of WordPress as a blogging software platform for the web. But the truth is that WordPress, along with Joomla and Drupal, offers far more than just a blogging platform. They offer the ability to create expansive highly capable sites with a vast range of functionalities that are useful for the adult industry. Not only can a good CME based site save you from the banality of boringness of a hosted DIY website, but you will be able to expand and change your website at will. You're likely to save money as well, since most of the popular CMS programs are Open Source, and therefore free. You can create an amazing website in WordPress or Joomla and have that site hosted inexpensively just about anywhere. This is a tremendous advantage to anyone who is looking to save money while at the same time create a professional website that gets found by Google, ranks well for their keywords, and gives users an excellent experience on every platform.

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